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Registration of New Vehicle


  • Register the new vehicle within 7 days from the date of taking delivery from the dealer excluding the period of journey for vehicles on temporary registration.
  • No dealer of vehicle can deliver the unregistered motor vehicle to the purchaser. He can only deliver the vehicles which are temporarily /permanently registered with R.T.O.
  • No owner of a motor vehicle can allow or permit the use of unregistered vehicle.
  • No person can drive a motor vehicle, which is not registered with R.T.O.
  • Get the vehicle registered directly from the dealer on his trade certificate.
  • Produce vehicle for inspection to RTO . Vehicle is inspected by an inspector of it confirms to the provision of
    Act & rule then vehicle tax is recovered & new registration number is assigned.

How to Apply

  1. Form 20
  2. Sale certificate in Form 21 given by dealer.
  3. Roadworthiness certificate in form 22 ,22-A from the manufacturer.
  4. Approval from Transport Commissioner.
  5. Approval from Transport Commissioner.
  6. Purchase invoice (for vehicles attracting life time tax).
  7. Temporary registration if any.
  8. PAN number or Form-60 in two copies (expect 2 wheelers ).
  9. Valid insurance certificate.
  10. Address proof.
  11. Roadworthiness certificate in form 22-A part II from the body builder for transport vehicles.
  12. Bill of entry for imported vehicles.
  13. Octroi receipt if registering in municipal limits.
  14. Manufacturers certificate for invalid carriage.
  15. Customs clearance certificate in case of imported vehicles along with licence & bond if any.
  16. Design approval from transport commissioner in the case of a trailer.
  17. 7/12 abstract or tahasildar certificate in the case of agricultural tractor & trailer for Tax example.
  18. Entry tax payment proof if any vehicle, body or tanker is purchased from outside the state.
  19. Fees

Message From

Drive Safely...
Driving is a privilege not the right...
Driving under the influence of drink / drugs is an offence
Never make any alterations in your vehicle without the prior permission of RTO
Talking on cell / mobile phone while driving is an offence
Take special precautions on unguarded railway crossings
Renew your driving License before it expires

Driving any motor vehicle without valid driving License is an offence...
Pay the motor vehicle taxes in time and avoid the detention of vehicle from RTO
Hurry leads to mistakes, mistakes leads to accidents
Give way to your right hand traffic
Do not jump signals
Start early, drive slowly, reach safely
Observe lane discipline & speed limits while driving
Drowsy driving is lousy driving
Make safety a way of life...
Hill driving is skill driving
Check your sight for driving at night
When alcohol takes over one cannot think straight
Be broad minded on narrow bridges
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Attention !
Submission of false documents is an offence,
liable for criminal action against the applicant.
Submit genuine Documents only.


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