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Polution Control

Conditions governing the grant of authorisation to conduct PUC tests.
1.The authorisation granted is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue. Grant of fresh authorisation for a further period of one year shall be subject to the performance of the center during the last year.
2. The instrument to be used for measuring the pollution levels of automobiles should be approved by any one of the following agencies, namely


Vehicle Research & Development Establishment , Ahmednagar.


Automotive Research Association of India, Pune.


Central Machinery Testing and Training Institute, Budni, Madhya Pradesh.


Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun, or      


National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur.

3. The procedure for conducting the test shall be as below
Diesel Vehicles - Free Acceleration Method
The reading of pollution levels should be noted when the acceleration pedal is fully pressed. An average of five such readings should be taken as the final reading.
Petrol Vehicles - Idling Limits
The reading shall be noted when the vehicle is idling.
4.The instrument should be calibrated at least once in a year and as recommended by the manufacturer and certificate of last calibration should always be made available for inspection. The instrument shall also be produced for inspection (of calibration and efficiency) to the officers of the Motor Vehicles Department.
5.In the city of Mumbai, the validity of the test report from the date of test, shall be as under :
Sr.No PUC Test Reading Validity of PUC Crtificate
Petrol Driven Vehicles
(Idling CO emission limits)
Diesel Driven Vehicles( measured by free acceleration method)
2&3 Wheelers 4 Wheelers
1 Less than 3 % Less than 1.5 % Less than 50 Hartridge Smoke Units. 6 Months
2 3 to 4 % 1.5 to 2.5 % 50 to 60 Hartridge Smoke Units 4 Months
3 4 to 4.5 %2.5 to 3.00 % 60 to 65 Hartridge Smoke Units 2 Months

6.The PUC Test cerrtificates shall be obtained only from the printing presses informed from time to time and shall be serially numbered. A seprate account of receipt and utilisation of these certificates shall always be maintained and produced for inspection on demand. The PUC certificate should be signed by only one of the persons authorised in this behalf, as mentioned in the application form for grant of authorisation. The PUC certificate should indicate the pollution levels before and after adjustments
7.The persons conducting the test should hold a minimum qualification of certificate in Automobile Engeneering or Motor Mechanics issued by Industrial Training Institute of Government of Maharashtra and should also know the procedure for minor adjustments/repairs with which the pollution levels can be brought down, without affecting overall performance of the engine.
8.Incase of vehicles showing higher level of emmission than the prescribed limits under Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 the registration number of such vehicles should be informed to concerned R.T.O, Dy.R.T.O Or Asst. R.T.O by holder of the Centres within 24 hours.
9.The authorisation granted shall be immediately cancelled and holder thereof shall be criminally prosecuted if any malpractices are noticed in running of the center or issue of PUC Certificates.
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Drive Safely...
Driving is a privilege not the right...
Driving under the influence of drink / drugs is an offence
Never make any alterations in your vehicle without the prior permission of RTO
Talking on cell / mobile phone while driving is an offence
Take special precautions on unguarded railway crossings
Renew your driving License before it expires

Driving any motor vehicle without valid driving License is an offence...
Pay the motor vehicle taxes in time and avoid the detention of vehicle from RTO
Hurry leads to mistakes, mistakes leads to accidents
Give way to your right hand traffic
Do not jump signals
Start early, drive slowly, reach safely
Observe lane discipline & speed limits while driving
Drowsy driving is lousy driving
Make safety a way of life...
Hill driving is skill driving
Check your sight for driving at night
When alcohol takes over one cannot think straight
Be broad minded on narrow bridges
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Attention !
Submission of false documents is an offence,
liable for criminal action against the applicant.
Submit genuine Documents only.


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