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Overseas police forces and travel insurance companies, have now started to get increasingly more vigilant about holiday insurance cheats, a policy which no doubt led to the arrest of Rebecca and Shanti. Details of fraudulent travel insurance claims have now been kept on an industry-wide database, which will be accessed by the Financial Services Authority and insurance companies. This means that anyone caught trying to commit holiday insurance fraud will now automatically face higher insurance costs and have difficulty obtaining other insurance cover, such as home insurance. On top of this, attempting to commit travel insurance fraud may also impact on your credit rating, which would make it more difficult to obtain goods or borrow money in the future.

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L.A. is also home to the U.S. headquarters of all but two of the major Asian automobile manufacturers. Virtually all the world's automakers have design and/or tech centers in the Los Angeles region.

Quality also means good maintenance. The better one stores a handbag, the more durability one can get. There are women who go to the extent of first wrapping their bags with a cloth and then storing in paper bags.

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