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Fleet Taxi Scheme, 2006

Objectives -

The following objectives can be achieved by upgrading the existing taxi services to an international level.

  1. The Effective
  2. Convenient
  3. Reliable
  4. More comfortable
  5. Pleasant and
  6. Eco friendly taxi service in Mumbai

The Scheme will be implemented with the private participation keeping the number of taxi permit constant within the city of Mumbai.

The Scheme will be implemented with the private participation


The Hon'ble Chief Minister has constituted a task force to make Mumbai a world class city. Introduction Fleet Taxi Service of international standard is a part of it.

At present taxi services in Mumbai are controlled by individual permit holders as well as their org. who often do not give proper and efficient service to the commuters. Further, vehicles they use are old. Taking into consideration the deteriorating conditions of the existing taxis, an urgent need to provide comfortable and efficient taxi service has arisen. Since issuance of new taxi permits is closed by the Government, existing taxi permits are going to be utilized for the purpose of the proposed Fleet Taxi Service without transferring them in the name of the prospective Fleet Taxi Operator. The vehicles to be operated under the scheme will be leased by the operator to the permit holder by entering into an agreement of lease.
The State Transport Authority, Maharashtra state has , in its meeting held on 6th and 14th march,2006 approved the Fleet Taxi Service Scheme,2006.

Silent Features :-

  1. Companies and partnership firms only are eligible to apply for lience to operate the services.

  2. No new permit will be issue.

  3. The letter of intent will be issued only after submission of consent letter from the 100 permit holders.

  4. The License holder shall be required to operate not less than 500 and not more than 10,000 air conditioned motor cabs fitted with electronics meters having printer facility.

  5. The License will be granted by the State Transport Authority.

  6. The vehicle having engine capacity more than 1000 cc and dicky will be allowed.

  7. Provisions of electronics meter and printer.

  8. Vehicle fitted with CNG will allow.

  9. Taxis of this scheme will not allowed to park on regular taxi stand.

  10. Colour scheme will be approved by the State Transport Authority.

  11. Special training programme for drivers.

  12. Permit holder will be given preference to drive a vehicle for a shioft.

  13. The cabs shall be fitted with a GPS/GPRS system.

  14. The License holder shall have round the clock enquiry counter accessible by communication facility like Telephone, E-Mail, etc.

  15. The tariff will be as approved by the State Transport Authority. The State Transport Authority has approved the fare fixation as follows :

    For initial one Km. Rs.15/-
    For every subsequent Rs.13/-
    Operator will be permitted to charge 25% extra for journeys performed from 12 midnight to 5 a.m.

  16. The area of operation of the motor cabs shall be Greater Mumbai with extension upto Municipal Corporation areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mira-Bhayander, Dombivali, Kalyan and Ullhasnagar with the connecting rural areas, if any.

  17. The License holder will have to fulfill the condition of producing performance guarantee in the form of Bank Guarantee of Rs.10 Lakhs.

  18. In future cars in luxury segment will be allowed. The fare will be based upon the cost of the vehicles.

    The State Transport Authority has allowed advertisements :

    • On the door panels (i.e. below the galss) only.
    • The advertisement at rare side of the vehicle i.e. on luggage boot (Dicky) provided that the tail light and registration plate should noe be covered.
    • It shall be obligatory to carry social message duly approved by the State transport Authority on one door panel. However, this obligation shall not be more than 3 months in any calendar and shall not be carried forward. Sponsoring agencies for their social message shall bear the cost of putting the advertisement.

Under the Fleet Taxi Services Scheme, the following 5 companies have so far applied for the License.

  1. Mumbai Taxi Company Pvt. Ltd., Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 63.
  2. Mega Cabs Ltd., Andheri (West), Mumbai - 53.
  3. V. Link Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd., Goregaon (West), Mumbai - 104.
  4. Mumbai Gold Cabs Pvt. Ltd., Kandivali (East), Mumbai - 101.
  5. Smart Cab Transportation Pvt. Ltd., Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 63.

Out of these 5 companies, 2 companies viz. Mumbai Taxi Company Pvt. Ltd. and Mumbai Gold Cabs Pvt. Ltd. have informed their readiness to start the service. They have been issued Letters of intent and also "Provisional License" to operate the Fleet Taxis.

Message From

Drive Safely...
Driving is a privilege not the right...
Driving under the influence of drink / drugs is an offence
Never make any alterations in your vehicle without the prior permission of RTO
Talking on cell / mobile phone while driving is an offence
Take special precautions on unguarded railway crossings
Renew your driving License before it expires

Driving any motor vehicle without valid driving License is an offence...
Pay the motor vehicle taxes in time and avoid the detention of vehicle from RTO
Hurry leads to mistakes, mistakes leads to accidents
Give way to your right hand traffic
Do not jump signals
Start early, drive slowly, reach safely
Observe lane discipline & speed limits while driving
Drowsy driving is lousy driving
Make safety a way of life...
Hill driving is skill driving
Check your sight for driving at night
When alcohol takes over one cannot think straight
Be broad minded on narrow bridges
----------------------------- ----------------
Attention !
Submission of false documents is an offence,
liable for criminal action against the applicant.
Submit genuine Documents only.


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